Automobile Insurance
Automobile insurance is a must if you own a car because it will protect you from unprecedented events that may happen while you are driving your car like vehicular accidents, injuries or damage to properties. Car insurance covers your expenses from injuries and other liabilities that you may get involve with on a vehicular accidents.

Most states across the US require car owners to have bodily-injury or property damage liability coverage which covers car owners, occupants and even pedestrians or other drivers of their medical expenses from injury, funeral – in cases of mortality, lawyers fee and other expenses covered.

Depending on state laws and the coverage of an auto insurance, the average car insurance rates today across America ranges from $1,500 to $1,600 per year or about $125 to $130 on a monthly premium.

There are many factors affecting the rate of car insurance premiums such as the state law as mentioned earlier which may regulate the minimum rate and the required coverages that the insurance should cover also taking into consideration the type of vehicle, condition of the traffic, rate of vehicular accidents, auto theft, natural phenomenon, crime rate and others that may be unique to the state.

Auto insurance does not only provide you with financial aid during accidents and injuries but also gives protection to your car in terms of damage, loss or involvement in vehicular accidents where a financial and legal liability is required from you as some coverage of auto insurance includes legal assistance or to be exact, includes payment for legal services that you might incur in resolving accidents that involves damage to property, injury of a pedestrian or even death.

Types of car insurance coverages

Automobile Insurance
Insurance company covers the following coverages: property damage liability; bodily injury liability; personal injury protection; collision; comprehensive; medical expenses; and uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage. The most basic of all car insurance coverage is the liability car insurance because it covers for the damages that you cause to a person or to his car. Liability insurance is also mandatory in every state and is not an option among car owners to choose.

The Liability auto insurance coverage that is being made mandatory by state laws has a two-way beneficial effect because it is beneficial to the car owner and to any persons that he might get injure in a vehicular accident and it also includes reparation for any properties that get destroyed or damaged due to the accident. Car insurance is really important and you should never think twice of purchasing or contracting one if you own a car because of the security that it can give to you in the long run.

Insurance for your automobile may be quite expensive especially if you intend to acquire all coverages in a package however, the benefit is far worthy than the expenses that you are going to spend paying your car insurance because you are not going to worry of any financial burden when an unexpected accident or even happens to you, your car and other people along the traffic.

What do you think of those people who are not getting car insurance while they own a car? Do you
consider them as responsible car owners? Or do they save more money by not insuring their car? Well, you may leave your ideas here and help those people realize the importance of car insurance.