Car Insurance Rates by State
As the United States of America is one large country, there would never be something exactly the same in every state especially not insurance rates. Car insurance is usually based on how many miles a person drives, many other things begin to affect the rates as the years go by and as accidents begin to occur that the insurance companies have to start paying for if they want their insured to keep being insured under them.

Although there are other things that can contribute to how high or low insurance rate are. Things that drivers are unable to control like how often a place gets hit by tornados, hurricanes, or other storms may call for higher car insurance. Plus, the average numbers of accidents that happen in the area also affect the overall insurance rate of the state. Other things like criminal activities which also include car theft also affect the rates. Even the changes in local regulations may affect the rate of car insurance in an area.

Get the lowest car insurance rates by state

Car Insurance Rates by State
To name a few Iowa, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, and Idaho are some of the states that have lower rates compared to others. The rates of these states are around six-hundred to seven-hundred dollars annually. That is around half of the annual rates for other states. Coincidentally, or not, these states are actually very eat each other. Practically neighbours. A few things that may contribute to the low rates in these states may be that they are not exactly the popular states that would call for much traffic and accidents because everyone is so chill there.

A few other states with low car insurance rates are Idaho, Maine, Ohio, and North Carolina who pay annually around six to seven hundred dollars. Again, these states are more of in the middle of the country where there are fewer accidents and fewer calamities.

States with higher insurance rates

Car Insurance Rates by State
In first place, the state with the highest car insurance is Louisiana where people there pay an average annual of one-thousand-two-hundred plus dollars for their car insurance. This state was known to be hit by the infamous Hurricane Katrina and has also been a hotspot for other hurricanes as it is located along the coast line of the U.S.A.

A few of the other states with high rates are New Jersey and New York. This may be because that there are so many people in these areas looking for ways to make a livening. Theft and criminal activity included. The average insurance paid for their automobiles in these states are also around the one-thousand-two-hundred dollar mark. The amount of demand for stuff in these places highly affects the cost of supplies in these states which also contributes to the high rates.

Take note that you can always keep your insurance rates down by keeping a clean driving record. Having minimal to zero records of accidents would not require you to pay so much to make keep your car insured. You ask for a car insurance quote online. Just look for a reliable auto insurance quote provider.

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