Going on a highway trip to Cajun?

Mexican Car Insurance
If you are planning or set for a vacation to different parts of Mexico, a few things to remember especially for first time drivers or even a refresher for seasoned travellers.

For highway driving, one of the things to expect is the unexpected. Yes, you read it right! Since you’ll be travelling to a new place, the usual occurrences on your locale don’t necessarily happen when you go to Mexico. Incidents and a few tips to follow:

Narrow roadway with almost no shoulder. It is one of the most common causes of tourist accidents with a right wheel drops off the pavement and very frequently rolling over. This will eventually lead to damage both on the vehicle and the occupants.

Suspension and tires attention. Make sure they are in top condition before venturing on the trip.

Check the lights. If the vacation will involve driving in the dark, be sure the headlights are aligned and provides best results.

Be watchful. To the width of the vehicle and the lane’s size.

Slow down. On the 2 lane highways (they’re not the same as the ones back home) and on small town for
pedestrians, dogs, buses and bikes.

Road phrases to remember:

‘Topes’ are speed bumps;

‘Alto’ means stop;

‘Cuota’ or toll roads (are better) than ‘Libre’ or free ones (so make sure you have pesos for the toll booths because they don’t have currency exchange available).

Are there possible auto theft?

Mexican Car Insurance
Yes. So, getting Mexican car insurance would be a great idea because other company’s policy won’t make the trek with you. Some of the benefits of getting a full coverage car insurance or short term one are the following:

Assurance of monetary compensation against significant potential monetary loss to another entity;

Protection against conditional liabilities;

Protecting the automobile against theft or losses sustained because of accidents.

But if it could be prevented, these tips will save you from a lot of frustration:

Use the equipped anti-theft alarm if there is any (or put one before travelling);

Since easily identifiable from local ones, tourist automobiles are targets and should avoid parking on the street;

Use paid parking lots and never leave the ticket inside it at all cost, stay in hotels or motels with 24 hours security;

Just remember- the bigger the city, the bigger the risk;

Be calm and ready

In case an emergency happens, write down the following on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet:

Name of the company which insured your vehicle in Mexico;

Policy number;

Telephone number of the company for report claims.

Not yet covered?

If you don’t have any policy yet, go through the internet and there will be plenty of affordable insurance
quotes online available in just a few clicks. Examples of the most common things they cover you are:

Liability: 3rd part injury and death related claims due to an automobile accident;

Collision: for payment on the vehicle’s repair;

Comprehensive: protects you for any damage incurred as a result of theft, vandalism, fire, water, etc.

Please let us hear some of your fresh ideas. This can be useful not just for us but to other readers as well.