If you want to drive a vehicle, you always need insurance together with your license. No matter where you go, these two are very important documents you have to take with you all the time. There are several types and you need to know which one you should get for certain situations. Most are for long-term use, so we are going to focus about a short-term option.

temporary car insurance

How does insurance become temporary? There are times when you need to get a specific coverage for certain occasions. Most of these instances require that your process things fast. So, you get a new specialized policy in addition to your current one instead of waiting for the processing time to revise the coverage of your existing contract. Since it can only be applied for the duration of the situation, you usually get a short-term contract – thus, a temporary one.

Situations Where Temporary Car Insurance is Suitable

As mentioned earlier, you can get a short term contract to cover policies that are necessary for a specific time period. One good example of this is when you decide to drive cross-country or visit the mountains. Any activity that you don’t usually do and are not considered when you made your existing insurance policy can be a trigger for you to get a temporary one.

temporary car insurance

Another instance is when you borrow a car. It can be a friend’s car or a rental one, as long as it’s not yours and you are planning on using it. Although your friend may have their own insurance for the car, that will not cover your damages. In cases when you need medical help, you have to get your own policy in order to make a claim. This is also the case for public rental vehicles.

The last situation is very common among people who like to travel overseas. Whenever you are in a foreign land, you have to follow their rules. You might have your own policy, but there might be some things that have to be additionally covered. If you are planning on renting a vehicle for the duration of the trip, you will need a flexible type like non owner car insurance.

Tips on How to Lower the Rates

If there is one thing almost all adults agree on when it comes to cars, it would be affordable car insurance rates. Everyone is obsessed with decreasing their premiums that it’s become a trend among tenured drivers to haggle on the quotes as much as possible.

temporary car insurance

The most effective way to lower your possible quote for the short-term contract is by presenting your own insurance policy. That is, if you have one. Companies feel more at ease when they know that the person has already been examined and passed by another establishment. If you don’t, be sure to bring along your drive school certification with a high-passing grade. Be specific when you provide the duration of the contract and never be afraid to voice out your own opinions.